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The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a non-profit, non-partisan association that represents the member highway and transportation departments in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

It also includes associate membership status for several toll authorities, cities/counties, and Canadian provinces. AASHTO created the Cooperative Computer Software Development program when it realized that the commercial marketplace was not effectively meeting the needs of its members. Since 1985, this program has allowed its members to cost effectively develop, maintain, and enhance the AASHTOWare® software.

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Brian Korschgen

Brian Korschgen

Project Manager

As an AASHTOWare Project Manager, Brian acts as a liaison to the Project Task Force (PTF) to help facilitate the strategic plan, administer development contracts, coordinate solicitation efforts, monitor and forecast the AASHTOWare Project budget, and distribute information to the user community.  Brian also coordinates several activities with our contractor, Infotech, to make sure the PTF is equipped with information needed to oversee the AASHTOWare Project program.

In addition to these responsibilities, Brian acts as a general resource to the PTF, Infotech, and the user community to ensure AASHTOWare Project remains a successful software solution for transportation agencies.

Maria Robinson

Maria Robinson

Associate Program ManagerMaria joined the AASHTOWare team in March 2022 as an Associate Project Manager.  She is assisting in the management of the AASHTOWare Project software products and T&AA.  Her duties and tasks are in several technical and administrative areas, including technical oversite of software development and support and maintenance of existing products.  Also, Maria assists with editing and preparing various technical documents related to joint development, such as long-range planning, budget development, meeting agendas, and logistics.  Maria is passionate about AASHTOWare Project's success and transportation development.  Maria has her MS degree in project management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. In addition, she has several project management-related certifications, such as CAMP, CSM, and Lean Six Sigma.

Maria enjoys traveling worldwide, meeting people from different places, learning about their local culture and food, skiing on West Coast (Colorado), working out, cooking, and reading books.

Tinika Fowlkes

Tinika Fowlkes

Customer Success Manager

As the AASHTOWare Customer Success Manager, Tinika works closely with our customers to understand their challenges and strategic goals, to help them bridge the gap between their technology and business needs so they can realize value from their use of the AASHTOWare products.

This critical function to the team is responsible for engaging customer leadership teams, driving ongoing adoption and successful use of the software, and encouraging user participation in the AASHTOWare community.  Tinika works alongside the AASHTOWare staff, task forces, and contractors to serve our member community to make AASHTOWare a part of everyday work life of transportation professionals across the U.S. and to improve our product and user experience. 

Jake Jensen

Jake Jenson

Marketing Manager
Jake Jenson joined AASHTO as Marketing Manager in January of 2022. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Jake is currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland, by way of many other cities both domestic and abroad. He started the base of his career as a Logs/Records and Data Analyst for a CASEVAC helicopter unit in the United States Marine Corps. After serving, he received his bachelor's in Accounting and was hired as an Account Manager with a private sector marketing agency. With over 8 years of experience in brand experiential marketing for various products in the consumer goods industry, he looks forward to using his creativity and skills to support the oversight of strategic marketing of AASHTOWare Project deliverables while enhancing the overall image of AASHTOWare and its capabilities.

In his free time Jake enjoys all sports (primarily American football), movies, stand-up comedy, traveling, and anything he can do outdoors with friends and family.

Lexi Berkley

Lexi Berkley

Marketing Specialist
Lexi Berkley joined AASHTOWare in September of 2022, as a Marketing Specialist. Lexi is originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland but relocated to Alexandria, Virginia, for her role with AASHTOWare. Prior to joining the team, Lexi graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s degree in History. After she graduated Lexi worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a production builder in Bridgeville, Delaware, that focused on building energy efficient homes. While there, she specialized in digital content management, marketing analytics and search engine optimization. She looks forward to using her marketing analytics skills to help AASHTOWare grow.

In her free time Lexi enjoys exercising, spending time with family, traveling and trying new restaurants.

Angel Williams

AASHTOWare Business Operations Manager