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PTF Overview

Task Force Overview

The Project Task Force (PTF) is charged with providing the strategic direction for the AASHTOWare Project software. The PTF manages the current AASHTOWare Project software by:

  • Preparing annual Maintenance, Support and Enhancement (MSE) work plans to be executed with the AASHTOWare Project contractors that include levels of support, levels of maintenance, and enhancement items that will be developed and included in the next release of a product
  • Preparing a Strategic Plan
  • Preparing and submitting a budget for AASHTOWare Project activities to the Special Committee on Joint Development (SCOJD)
  • Determining appropriate platforms and length of support on each platform and/or version
  • Determining when new products should be developed or added as AASHTOWare Project software
  • Managing and directing the contractors by modifying and approving the contractors’ budgets, and approving or disapproving the contractors’ tasks

The PTF, or an assigned subgroup of the PTF, normally oversees the development work on enhancements or new project development. Members of the PTF meet weekly to discuss the strategic direction for the AASHTOWare Project software.

The AASHTOWare Project Task Force includes nine members from member agencies, but no more than one from each agency.  Appointments are for 3-year terms, and terms are staggered so at most three members are up for appointment/reappointment in any given year. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Project Task Force please check out the Membership Tab.