The success of AASHTOWare Project software depends on agencies getting involved, and agencies that participate in the planning and testing process will have more opportunity to ensure that their needs are met. Your agency can also gain valuable knowledge and build relationships with other transportation agencies and industry experts. Below, you can learn about some of the opportunities to participate.

The PTF is responsible for managing all AASHTOWare Project software. It consists of nine representatives from member agencies.  Members are appointed by AASHTO’s Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA).

Only one member per agency is permitted to serve on the PTF.

The PUG is comprised of representatives from all AASHTOWare Project licensees. Although there is no limit to the number of representatives from a single agency that may participate in the PUG, each agency must identify one individual as its official PUG representative, who votes on the PUG Ballot on behalf of the agency.

Agencies also have the opportunity for their members to join the PUG board. The PUG board provides a unified voice to direct the course of AASHTOWare Project software and is responsible for validating the PUG ballot and directing the Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) that perform technical review. PUG board members do not need to be PUG agency representatives, so an agency can have one or separate people in these roles.

The PUG holds an annual conference that is open to all to attend and usually takes place in the fall. Sessions at this conference include demonstrations of new or upcoming releases, discussions about technology (such as electronic bidding or AASHTOWare Project hosting), and the PUG Contractor’s Presentation, which discusses all AASHTOWare® products and activities, including on-site visits and marketing.

For additional information, Please visit the PUG Page

TAGs advise the PUG on how to enhance existing applications. There are currently nine TAGs, each dedicated to a business area:

  • Civil Rights & Labor Management
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Estimation
  • Data Analytics
  • Field Management
  • Information Technology
  • Materials
  • Preconstruction

TAGs conduct an annual business meeting that takes place at the PUG conference. Each TAG consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, and members. Only one member per agency is permitted on a TAG.

For additional information, including requirements for membership as outlined in the PUG constitution, please visit the TAG Page.

TRTs oversees the development work on enhancements or new project development TRT members are appointed by the PTF.  They serve as advisory groups to the PTF on the development of new software. There may be only one representative per agency. Each TRT is chaired by a PTF member.

If you are interested in joining a TRT, please submit your resume to the PTF Chair or the Chair of the TRT to which you are applying. If there are no current openings, your resume will be kept on file for consideration in the event of an opening.

To view current TRTs, click here

Mailing lists are available so you can email all users in a particular group, which can be helpful when starting a discussion. Send an email to WebMaster to join. Here are some of the available mailing lists:

Beta testing allows licensing agencies to preview upcoming functionality and helps to ensure the quality of AASHTOWare Project software before it is shipped as a production release. If your agency wishes to participate, your agency must:

  • Have a required minimum testing environment in place.
  • Be familiar with the functionality being tested.
  • Develop a test plan.
  • Install a pre-release version of the software in the testing environment.

If your agency is interested in becoming a beta agency, please refer to the EUD notice that the PTF posts when seeking agency volunteers.

One of the benefits of the AASHTOWare Joint Development Program is the opportunities for our member agencies to propose additional functionality or accelerate the AASHTOWare Project software's development to meet their specific business needs. We value your input to continuously deliver a comprehensive, enterprise-wide software solution that helps all our member agencies achieve their construction program's success.

We have provided the Agency Funding for Enhancements Process and additional resources to help you define your needs, establish your desired outcomes, engage your peers for support, and internal stakeholders for buy-in.

It is important to know that funding the development work for the enhancement is the requesting agency's responsibility. Joint funding is an option if multiple agencies are willing to support the enhancement.

With your business needs in mind, the Project Task Force (PTF) takes thoughtful consideration to evaluate whether the proposed enhancements would also benefit the entire AASHTOWare Project Community before being included in the software.

For more information or to start the process for funding enhancements, contact your agency's Infotech Account Manager.

Download the Agency Funding of Enhancements Process document.