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Product Overview

The AASHTOWare ProjectTM software, one of the early outputs of the Cooperative Computer Software Development program, was born when Infotech sold AASHTO its Bid Analysis and Management System (BAMS) software in 1985.  Since that time, the AASHTOWare Project software has evolved from client/server applications with individual databases to one web-based application with a unified database and mobile options to become a mission-critical system.

Today, the AASHTOWare Project software is a web-based enterprise system managing the entire construction contract lifecycle, covering cost estimation, proposal preparation, bidding and bid analysis, construction management and inspection, materials management, civil rights, labor management and data analytics across the entire program.

All AASHTOWare Project modules work seamlessly together, having the same look and feel, promoting standardization throughout the varying business areas.  Because the AASHTOWare Project software was designed to work easily with other systems, and because no other system manages as much data, it can act as the single source of truth for your construction contract data, helping you make data-driven decisions related to your construction program in real time.

AASHTOWare Project consists of the following modules:

The AASHTOWare Project Estimation module is a web-based cradle-to-grave estimation application designed to deliver accurate, reliable estimates for your construction program.  It is a powerful tool that puts a variety of planning and estimation methodologies at your fingertips.  These include bid-based, cost-based, reference-based, parametric estimation, ad hoc pricing or a combination of these pricing methods to perform your estimates.  The software also provides the ability to run a quick analysis of bid-history pricing to utilize what-if scenarios for planning discussions.  Regardless of the method of estimation you choose, your needs will be met with the AASHTOWare Project Estimation software.

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The AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor module is a comprehensive part of the AASHTOWare Project web-based software, allowing agencies to receive and process the data required to meet Federal and state requirements for civil rights and labor compliance activities.  The collection of this information in one unified software application improves the quality of the information, eliminates duplicate data entry, and allows more effective management of contractor, subcontractor, and DBE data.

Both agencies and contractors can save time and effort on jobs with electronic certified payroll submission, which includes automatic error checking. Agencies will also see a substantial reduction in efforts in gathering data for the annual Federal 1392 report and the semiannual Federal Uniform Report of DBE Commitments/Awards and Payments report. The AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor module is a one-stop shop for an organization's civil rights and labor contract compliance management activities.

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The AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction module is an essential part of the AASHTOWare Project web-based software.  It is used for managing project information and automating processes during the initial phases of a construction project – including proposal preparation, estimation, bid letting management, and project award.  The software allows a flexible definition of a project and easily supports funding requirements to track and manage project cost information.  The system supports preparation of the Engineer’s estimate for Federal Aid highway construction projects, allows projects to be combined into proposals for bid letting, and permits the selection of a group of proposals for a bid letting package.  Additionally, it aids in advertising bids, tracking plan and proposal holders, processing bid information, evaluating bids and making award decisions. The AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction module provides agencies with an unrivaled level of tools and flexibility to manage proposals, making it the application that should be in every agency's toolbox.

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The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials module is a comprehensive, web-based integrated construction and materials management application.  Its functionality covers the complete construction and materials management process, including laboratory information management.  The module allows an organization to administer all aspects of a construction project through daily inspection reports, diaries, contract modifications, stockpiles, funding management, contract claims, contractor payments, and much more.  On the Materials side, the module provides the ability to track material approvals, manage qualifications (for testers, samplers, calibrators, welders, and laboratories), track test equipment and their calibrations, withhold payment for insufficient materials, and approve mix designs for their design and use on a construction contract.  It also features a laboratory information management component, which allows an organization to manage and track progress through each critical step of the material sample lifecycle.  AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials is a powerful application, spanning all levels of construction and materials by enabling personnel to progress a contract and its supporting documentation from award through finalization.  Additionally, it has a seamless interface with the Mobile Inspector app allowing the inspectors to have a mobile, offline tool for entry of their daily reports directly at the job site.

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AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics bring all the modules together, leveraging the entire unified database and allowing you to perform interactive analysis designed specifically for the construction industry.  This analysis includes market, bidder, and line item profile to name a few methods.  Any user whether you’re an executive or field personnel, has easy access to visual tools, such as dashboards, to answer questions, find patterns, draw conclusions, and make better, quicker, more informed data-driven decisions.

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Executive Resources

AASHTOWare Project software is a web-based enterprise system for managing the entire construction contract lifecycle. All AASHTOWare Project modules work seamlessly together, having the same look and feel, promoting standardization throughout the varying business areas. To understand how each module supports a different phase or key function in the construction project ecosystem, agencies can access a library of AASHTOWare Project product sheets.

But what about from a macro lens? How does AASHTOWare Project help agencies reach their overarching goals, such as improving their communities or acting as good stewards of taxpayer dollars? These Executive Overview resources zoom out to take an expansive look at the big picture benefits of AASHTOWare Project.

Browse the resources below to see how AASHTOWare Project supports vital efforts in equity, compliance, transparency, and project management.

AASHTOWare Project Bids reduces the time and expense associated with bid data entry, bid revisions, bid tabulations, and finalization. The module protects agencies from discarded or incomplete bids by providing an electronic bidding platform, complete with tools for error and omission checking. This module integrates with AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction to streamline the electronic bidding process.

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AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor helps agencies in three key areas centered around civil rights and labor activities: tracking, reporting, and compliance. Agencies use the module to pull relevant DBE data out of other modules, creating reports that comply with federal and state requirements.

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AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials provides agencies with a centralized database for tracking and reporting on infrastructure projects, designed to improve standardization, accessibility, and transparency.

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AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics is a powerful SaaS platform that provides an extensive portfolio of analysis tools on items, commodity markets, proposals, and vendors. Use rich data visuals of bidding trends, market allocations, award maps, and vendor maps to support your decision-making process

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AASHTOWare Project Estimation provides a consistent shared tool that can be used agency-wide to develop bid based or cost based project estimates at every stage of a planned improvement. Enhance productivity by generating estimates with the click of a button and transitioning data through project phases.

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AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction assists agencies in the preparation of projects and proposals to be used in bid lettings. It allows for innovative bidding techniques to utilize funding the agency has available. For many agencies it is an essential part of their planning and letting process.

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”Twenty plus years of development, maintenance, support and enhancement; AASHTOWare Project has delivered high value in the project lifecycle from project inception, award, oversight and analysis to contract completion and everything in between while keeping pace with technology and the functional needs of our agencies.“
Todd Bergland, Manager Technology Support Group, Minnesota DOT