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Module Overview

AASHTOWare Project Mobile Tester™ 2.1

Download AASHTOWare Project Mobile Tester™ 2.1 Application PWA Instructions  

AASHTOWare Project Mobile Tester™ 2.1 allows users to electronically capture samples and test results directly in the field on a mobile device. As a Progressive Web Application (PWA), AASHTOWare Project Mobile Tester™ works seamlessly offline and is an extension of AASHTOWare Project Construction and Materials™.

Infotech Mobile Inspector® 3.0.4

Infotech Mobile Inspector® 3.0 Installation Guide

Infotech Mobile Inspector® is a web-based application developed to work on current Android, Apple, or Windows devices whether connected or offline and it no longer requires an app store or Google Play download. It still functions like the original Infotech Mobile Inspector application, but it includes updated and modernized aesthetics, provides seamless online and offline access, and allows for quicker update and enhancement rollouts. Infotech Mobile Inspector® works with AASHTOWare® Project, Appia®, AASHTOWare Project SiteManager and AASHTOWare Project FieldManager™ and Trimble® Access™ field software. 

Download a copy of the Mobile Inspector 2.8® Product Sheet in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Infotech® Field Interviewer™ 

Available in the iTunes, Google Play, and Windows stores

Online or offline, Infotech® Field Interviewer™ allows your Civil Rights and/or field personnel to collect field interview data, including summary findings, employees interviewed, and wage rates paid and job classifications worked for each employee, all with just a few clicks on a mobile device. The data is transferred via a two-way sync service either at the time of entry or during the next period of connectivity. The Infotech® Field Interviewer app is available as a free download.

Download a copy of the Infotech® Field Interviewer™ Product Sheet in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Resources System Configurations

For details about system specifications for all AASHTOWare Project software, please refer to System Architecture - Mobile Applications