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Module Overview

Leverage the power of the AASHTOWare Project Unified Database to improve your productivity and decision-making

Analyze data. Find patterns. Draw data-driven conclusions and make informed decisions throughout the entire construction process. With the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ Software as a Service (SaaS), your organization can access a sole-sourced database from across the AASHTOWare Project suite for user-friendly, interactive analysis of real-time data.  You can:

  • Set key performance indicators based on your agency’s constantly-updating historical data, and quickly determine whether bids are in range.
  • Review dashboards for an executive review of proposals that are far outside the engineer’s estimate and require further analysis.
  • Identify items of concern on a proposal, filtered by agency-defined thresholds, and document the results of your review after quickly comparing these items to historical data.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to citizen, legislative, and vendor requests for information, using current data.
  • And much more.

The AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics module improves and expands upon the methodology and functionality from the AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS module, the original historical database and bid analysis software that began development in the 1970s.  Over the decades, this software has been tested, revised, enhanced, and transitioned across platforms, establishing itself as the market leader and by far the most trusted data analysis solution for state departments of transportation.  Over 35 of them are in production on one of these two modules, and those agencies partner with AASHTO in the module’s ongoing development.  Who can better understand transportation agencies’ needs than the agencies themselves? Because no other tool is in use by so many agencies or receiving so much direct input by its users, there is no comparable option for analyzing all aspects of the construction lifecycle, incorporating both new and proven methodologies.

AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics is client-driven and user-focused.  With intuitive navigation and no need for extensive training or specialized knowledge, users can quickly analyze patterns for irregularities through graphical and tabular displays built specifically for highway construction data analysis and tailored to each user’s specific role in the organization.  Summarize your data at a high level and drill down wherever you need more detail: everything is intuitive and accessible from the same location.  Powerful analytics support your agency’s productivity and efficiency, and AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics acts as the sole source of truth for highway construction data. AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics is accessible from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, letting you work wherever you are.

The AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics module is a Software as a Service module that operates in the Cloud, meaning that there is nothing for an agency to install and no long-term financial or staffing commitment to keep it running and up-to-date.  You can get into production in only a few days. Maintenance, upgrades, and backup and disaster recovery are all handled by AASHTO and its contractor, and they are all included in the licensing costs, leading to a low total cost of ownership with no hidden costs.
Want to learn more about AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics?
  • Contact your Account Manager to inquire about setting up a demo or starting a no-cost trial
  • View an overview of the module on the Webinars & Videos tab on this page.

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Services Overview

Information Tab

With the Getting Started with AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ workshop your agency gets its data ready for analysis by configuring the module to meet your agency’s business practices.

Format: One day onsite workshop + basic data health check

Getting Started

With this service, your agency receives personalized recommendations and guidance from a team of experts, enabling them to meet their analytical needs effectively and maximize valuable insights.

Format: Scheduled monthly check-ins + personalized recommendations

Advisor Service

As one of several data health-oriented services, the Coordinate Validation service helps agencies get a step closer to having accurate, quality data for analysis and reporting by validating existing coordinates, identifying gaps, and providing recommendations.

Format: Kickoff, report review, and ongoing check-in calls

Coordinate Validation Service 

From bid history analysis, to building custom dashboards, to setting up data for cost-based estimation, we’ve got your estimation-related needs covered. Explore our array of expert-backed estimation services.

Format: Variable depending on service

Estimation Service

In our Market Definition for Estimation Workshop, we’ll review how to manually define your agency’s market areas using analytical tools in AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics SaaS.

Format: One day onsite workshop

Market Definition for Estimation Service

The Pre-Award Analysis series of workshops will give you the tools to determine whether to award or reject bids on your contracts based on several criteria using the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics SaaS module.

Format: Four one day onsite workshops

Pre-Award Analysis Service

The Price History Review Workshop is designed to give your team the tools and knowledge necessary to conduct successful pricing analysis with AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics. 

Format: One day onsite workshop

Price History Service

Description: The AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics Steps to Success service combines an educational workshop series with ongoing support during your first year of using the product.

Format: Four workshops and ongoing support

Description: This service will provide your team with summarized insights that are grouped together into a three-month period to help drive informed decision-making and track trends on a quarterly basis

Format: High level quarterly reports and Notebook insights

Webinars & Videos