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Module Overview

The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials module is a comprehensive, web-based construction and materials management application. Its functionality covers the complete construction and materials management process, including laboratory information management. This powerful application spans all levels of construction and materials management to progress a contract and its supporting documentation from award through finalization.

While the application is robust, it is configurable by role so as not to be overwhelming. In addition to the user-specific features, key features of the system-wide functionality include:

  • Any user, with proper access, can attach files/URL links and add agency fields to any record in the system.
  • System events and issue tracking enable an agency to automate complex processes and workflows that might require input or review from several different users.
  • Integrated agency views (also referred to as templates or forms) allow an agency to design and implement agency-specific forms, extending contracts, daily work report postings, daily source reports, material tests, and mix designs.
  • Extensive online help is available throughout the application, including configurable tooltips.
  • The Infotech® Mobile Inspector® application interface allows your inspectors to collect the data required for a daily inspection report, which includes item progress, contractor workforce, photos, and site conditions using a smartphone or tablet.

The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials software also contains various reports that agencies will find beneficial in managing their construction projects, including reports for the Contract Status, Change Orders, Work Item Detail, Contractor Payment, Contract Material Acceptance Action Status, Approved Products, and the Outstanding Item List.

Construction Management

The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials module is designed to manage all aspects of a construction project by providing:

  • Field-based data entry functionality with Daily Work Reports.
  • Diaries for the project manager to review the inspectors’ Daily Work Reports.
  • Contract change order functionality for creation, review, and approval of contract changes, including the ability to automate approval levels based on contract and change order type.
  • Contract payment estimates, including agency-configurable exceptions such as item overruns, insufficient materials, limited funding, missed time, and many more.
  • Agency-configurable contractor evaluations with the ability to create, update and change questions or question value/ratings.
  • Construction stockpiles, including the ability to associate materials, set agency-level drawdown triggers and thresholds, and set contract item-specific recovery percentages.
  • Stormwater compliance functionality to help manage and comply with SWPPP strategies. The application can be configured to manage/track water pollution controls (BMPs), inspection cycles, and system notifications.

Force Account and Force Account Reporting functionality allows the agency to define, track, and report the actual costs of labor, equipment, and materials incurred in the performance of work, including allowable overhead and markups for any contractor (prime or subcontractor) associated with the contract.

Materials Management

The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials software helps agencies track and evaluate the satisfaction of contract material acceptance actions by quantity, contract, date, source, or location per the agency’s contract specifications. Acceptance actions are identified at a global level for all materials and are generated from that list at a contract item level, where they can then be modified as necessary.;

The software enables tracking materials, including their component materials, until they are ultimately used. It also provides source- and facility-based data entry functionality with Daily Source Reports. Source authority is used to identify users who may maintain source and facility information. Additional materials management features in the AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials module include:

  • Approved materials for sources and facilities
  • Alternate materials
  • Qualifications for testers, samplers, calibrators, welders, and laboratories
  • Test equipment and calibrations
  • Insufficient material adjustments on payment estimates
  • Mix design creation and approval

Laboratory Information Management

The laboratory information management features of the AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials module are tailored to transportation agency lab management. These features allow the agency to manage and track progress through each critical step of the material sample lifecycle. Lab management functionality is highly configurable to fit the needs of an agency’s materials lab.

The lab management functions have user-based security settings to ensure that assigned lab personnel have access only to the data and information needed to complete their individual tasks. The lifecycle tracking of samples and tests through the application expedites the overall testing process. At any point, it is easy to see which samples are waiting to be tested, which have the highest priority, and who is responsible for each sample’s current stage of progress. Tests can be assigned (or reassigned) to specific labs and to specific testers within those labs based on qualifications and workload.

This functionality allows for a materials test environment that is interactively managed and responsive to a material lab’s changing needs.

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