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Module Overview

AASHTOWare Project SiteXchangeTM enables contractors to enter subcontractor information once a contract is awarded. In an effort to make the implementation process as smooth as possible, AASHOWare Project SiteXchange was built on the framework for the AASHTOWare Project ExpediteTM module, which is already familiar to many contractors. The transportation agency portions are based on the corresponding AASHTOWare Project Expedite components, modified to work with PES®/LAS® or AASHTOWare Project SiteManager. AASHOWare Project SiteXchange exports a file that is converted into contract files. The contract files are distributed to prime contractors, who then add the subcontractor data to the contract. The contractor program may contain a miscellaneous data screen with form elements, and it provides a printed report. The completed form is then sent back to the transportation agency to be loaded into AASHTOWare Project SiteManager.

The contractor component and its associated documentation may be copied by the licensing agency for distribution to and use by all its contractors, provided the software and documentation are not modified in any way.