TAGs advise the PUG on how to enhance existing applications. TAGs conduct quarterly or monthly meetings along with an annual business meeting that takes place at the PUG conference. Each TAG consists of a Coordinator, Co-Coordinator, and members. Only one member per agency is permitted on a TAG. There are currently seven active TAGs, each dedicated to a specific business area.


TAG Coordinator Selection

TAG Coordinator will serve a two-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms. 

The TAG Coordinator will be elected by the TAG members and recommended to the Project Board of Directors for confirmation. 

The TAG Coordinator need not be an official Project Users Representative nor a prior TAG member. 

Assistant TAG Coordinators will be elected by the members. The Assistant Coordinator will not automatically succeed the Coordinator but will serve as the Coordinator's assistant to carry out duties as may be assigned. 

Specific duties of the TAG Coordinator are:

  • Direct the TAG's development and annual review of a mission statement.
  • Direct the TAG's development and annual review of long/short range goals.
  • Direct the TAG's development and/or review of proposed ballot items falling in the area of the TAG's expertise.
  • Direct the TAG's efforts to accomplish long and short range goals.
  • Conduct an annual TAG meeting prior to the Project User Conference.
  • Report on the results of the TAG meeting prior to the Project User Conference.
  • Annually reaffirm TAG members' commitment to continue to serve.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Project User Group Chair. 

A vacancy in the position of TAG Coordinator may be declared upon:

  • The Coordinator notifies the Project User Group Chair
  • Is assigned to a different work area in his/her agency
  • Problems which prevent the Coordinator from performing duties
  • Action by the Project User Group Board of Directors. 

In the event of a vacancy in the TAG Coordinator position, the Assistant Coordinator will fill the position until the next annual TAG meeting when an election for a new TAG Coordinator will be held. 

In the event of a vacancy in the TAG Coordinator position and Assistant Coordinator positions, the Project User Group Chair will assign an interim coordinator. The interim coordinator shall be selected from the current members of the TAG and will fill the position until the next annual TAG meeting. The TAG under the direction of the interim coordinator will hold elections for the TAG Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator. 


TAG Membership Requirements

There shall be at least three members appointed by the Project User Group Chair to establish a new TAG. 

Membership requirement for the TAG's is education, training, experience, or interest in the TAG's area of responsibility. 

  • TAG members are not required to be a member user representative. 
  • TAG membership will be appointment by the Project User Group Chair in consultation with the TAG Coordinator. 
  • TAG membership applications will need to be signed by the Project User Group Chair, TAG Coordinator and the new member agency's PUG User Rep or EUD (End User Designee). 
  • There will be no limitation on the number of terms that a member may serve, although each member will be asked annually by the TAG Coordinator if they wish to serve another year term. 
  • A TAG member or proxy that misses two consecutive annual meetings, without explanation, will be considered inactive and may be replaced by the TAG Coordinator or Project User Group Chair.
  • A member agency shall have no more than one representative on any individual TAG. However, several different agencies from a state (such as DOT, Attorney General, FHWA, OIG) may be represented on a TAG so long as no single agency has more than one representative. 
  • A TAG may be disbanded upon recommendation by the Board of Directors and majority vote of the Project User Group at the annual Project conference.

To apply to a TAG please download the TAG Application and

  1. Complete TAG application
  2. Submit to EUD for agency concurrence
  3. Submit to TAG Coordinator for recommendation
  4. Submit to PUG Chair for approval

TAG Application (Link to PDF Application)

Scan and email completed TAG applications to the PUG Chair

Download a copy of the Project Technical Advisory Group Procedures in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF)


Active TAGs